10 Essential Steps
 to Jumpstart
 Your Health Journey:
Your Anti-Inflammatory 
Lifestyle Checklist.

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Discover the freedom of a non-diet lifestyle and embrace a healthier way of living. Achieve your health and weight loss goals, including shedding stubborn belly fat, optimizing your well-being, and reducing the risk of disease. Even if you have a busy schedule and ❤️ donuts, this approach is designed to accommodate your needs.

- Michelle Boyle - Founder 

Hey there, 
I'm Michelle!

I'm Michelle Boyle, an entrepreneur who passionately transitioned from a successful media career to embrace a new path over two decades ago. As a dedicated family woman and a firm believer in pursuing passions, I left my 11-year media journey behind to prioritize what truly matters.

My journey initially led me to the world of consultancy, where I helped families streamline their lives and find balance amidst the chaos. However, in 2006, my keen eye spotted an unmet need, and that's when I introduced BellyBiz—a transformative shapewear brand known for its empowering designs that boost confidence and uplift women.

Driven by my passion for helping others, I took another significant step eight years ago and became a certified Health, Nutrition, and Life Coach. This marked the birth of Zesty Girl, my latest venture. Through Zesty Girl, I'm on a mission to empower busy women to embrace self-care, pursue their passions, and achieve personal and professional successes.

In the past year, I've shifted my coaching focus from one-on-one interactions to online courses, enabling me to reach and empower a larger number of women while fostering a strong and supportive community. I offer a diverse range of resources, from online courses and coaching to mentoring and even a dedicated YouTube channel.

Today, I warmly invite you to claim your complimentary copy of my latest creation. Let's embark on a journey of thriving, and together, let's reclaim your health and zest for life.

Michelle X

10 Essential Steps  to Jumpstart
 Your Health Journey: Your Anti-Inflammatory
Lifestyle Checklist.

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