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Hi, I'm Michelle, 

Do any of these words come to mind when you think about your life?


Do you ever think....

“I only I could just....”

If so, I know how you feel, I have been there, knowing that if I could just find the motivation, time, inspiration to do that "one thing" my life would be so much better... 

So, if you are struggling to get your ducks in a row then you are in the right place!
Firstly, Let me introduce myself...
I’m Michelle Boyle, and I spent 11 years in the corporate world before deciding to step away from my media management job to start my own business to be more available for my young children in 2002.  

For the first three years, I was a consultant helping families get decluttered and organised, to reduce the stress in their lives.

In 2006 I saw a gap in the market for versatile shapewear, and my successful shapewear business, Belly Biz, was launched. This business continues to thrive today.

After working with women for so many years, I decided to help them further by also becoming a qualified health/life coach in 2018.

Finding solutions to help other women has been central to all my businesses. In February 2019, I also launched my lifestyle channel Zesty Girl on YouTube, where I share real conversations with women worldwide.

Listening to these women and our conversations have led me to my newest venture, Zesty Girl Biz. 

Here I have expanded my coaching business to provide a solution for so many women irrespective of where they are at in their life. I take my 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur with my skills as a coach and mentor to help women take action and accountability for the life that they want. 

My passion is to empower women to find their zest and live their best lives.

If you are struggling to get your ducks in a row, then I am here to tell you, 

 I know how you feel...

My passion is to empower women to find their zest and live their best lives.
I understand just how crazy life can get and
 how overwhelmed you can feel. 
I want to help you to have a smoother road to success and to be able to bypass some of the obstacles that have tripped me up along the way. 

Share the tools that worked for me and offer you a whole bunch of accountability toward your goal!

Trust me; it won't be that difficult once you fully commit and have everything you need. You will no longer face dread each week as you realise another week has gone by, and you still feel overwhelmed, time-poor, stuck in a rut and numb. 

So don't spend another moment busily juggling the balls of your vast responsibilities. You do not want to wake up one day and have missed half of your unique amazing life by not being fully present and having it look and feel the way you wanted it to. 

Let's put together a clear plan, support and excitement on your way to achieving "your thing" that will take you "out of this rut" and toward the things you truly want in life right now. 

It's time to move on from this space and feel great!

If you are saying yes, yes, yes, then let's get things sorted for you. Book a consult call with me, and I can suggest some ways that you can get started on living your extraordinary life now. If I am a good fit, we can discuss how I can help you or I can assist you in your journey by pointing you in the right direction! 
Today can be that day you make the change...
I am excited to meet you to find out how I can help you.
Michelle XX
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